Helms Grill Co. is the creation of two friends Dave Helm and Owen Davis we were brought together by our love of food and making cool things . Dave has been a chef for twenty years predominantly in Cornwall but has also worked in Australia, France and Switzerland . Owen is a farmer/engineer based in Cornwall also. After many nights and head scratching we decided that we wanted to offer something which nobody else could and began to look at ways of doing just that. We soon realised what we had and what it could become and with Owens skills as an engineer with some not so skilled assistance (Dave) we built our BBQ Betsy. There was a simple brief to make a BBQ and smoker better than we have seen anywhere else. 6 months later and a lot more head scratching and Betsy was finished!

So... we had Dave the chef with his incredible wit and skill(Im writing this!) and Betsy the BBQ built by the crack pot farmer Owen next we need to source the best produce to finish the recipe and thats where the farm came in. We concluded why rely on others when we can produce it ourselves and know everything has been done properly and we have happy animals and proper vegetables 

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Largin Farm is a small farm situated on the outskirts if Bodmin moor. Here we rear our Hereford cows, Oxford sandy and black pigs and lleyn sheep all roaming free and grazing happily not only that we grow vegetables, fruit and collect honey from our 60 bee hives.  

Meet The Team


Dave Helm

Owen Davis